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Find out about my work as a facilitator below. Please contact me with any questions regarding my work and facilitation fees.

Workshops & Training

Workshops can be amazing vehicles for transformation, learning and understanding. Some workshops and training I have designed and facilitated include:

  • Being at the Edge of the World: This series of workshops is a deep dive into exploring aspects of this time of global collapse and change. 

  • An Introduction to Exploring Gender Diversity: This workshop is designed for professionals who want to deepen their knowledge around gender diversity, co-facilitated with Ellis Beardsmore as part of Pride Outside.

  • Transforming Oppression: Cultivating Power & Hope though Creativity (co-facilitated with Sage Stephanou). This workshop is designed to bring awareness to dynamics of power and oppression through discussion, embodied practices and art making.

  • Connecting to Nature using Inner work: This workshop is designed to bring participants into greater awareness of the environment around them as a support for their personal processes

Please see my Workshops & news page for details and dates of upcoming workshops and training


Forums and Mediation

Community forums are spaces for dialogue around a particular issue, or a way for a group to express and process challenging dynamics. I have experience preparing for and facilitating forums around topics of class, Islamophobia and Transphobia, and the current dynamics around Covid-19. Forums are designed around the principle of 'deep democracy', which is the belief that all parts are valued and needed. Similarly, mediation is a way of processing conflict by supporting all sides to be heard and understood, whilst also paying close attention to what may be in the background that isn't being named or expressed. Through supporting all parts to become more aware it may be that something new is able to emerge, or a resolution found.



Facilitation within organisations can be a powerful tool for reconnecting to and clarifying purpose and vision, as well as processing working relationships and interpersonal dynamics. Through facilitation I may be able to support your organisation to find more efficient ways of working, identify and process challenges and conflicts, integrate values and purpose, and find fruitful and creative ways collaborate.



- Feedback from Introduction to Gender Diversity Workshop, designed and facilitated with Ellis Beardsmore (Beyond the Box)

'I have never felt educated and moved at the same time from a professional training before. Great work , information delivered with care and compassion. Many things were cleared in my mind but most importantly facilitators created a very safe space for everyone. Would recommend to everyone, therapists or not'

- Aliki

'This training is brilliant - I highly recommend it for everyone. Rowan and Ellis create a space that is inclusive and also challenging in a way that really support learning. The workshop is a variety of presentation, discussion and personal reflection. I came away with lots to think about and plenty of ideas about where I can learn more. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend it within my professional and personal circles'

- Caroline

'I would recommend this training to everyone. It has been fascinating and has shown me what I didn't know which has inspired me to take my training and learning in this area to the next level. This training is so important and well presented that I will talk to my workplace about encouraging attendance from colleagues'

- Della

- Anonymous feedback from Transforming Oppression: Cultivating Power & Hope through Creativity, co-facilitated with Sage Stephanou

'The workshop was facilitated with love and great sensitivity. I also felt seen and acknowledged by the facilitator's thoughtful observations'

'I am aware of my privileges or at least thought I was. But looking at them through a lens of intersectionality and complex rank dynamics has increased my curiosity and given me food for thought'

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